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Expert help in times of financial crisis 

Kennway Francis - Licensed Insolvency Practitioner


When facing financial crisis it is important to act swiftly and to obtain expert help and support. At Kennway Francis we pride ourselves on offering specialist insolvency advice to businesses and individuals.

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Liquidation (or ‘winding up’) is the most common type of corporate insolvency procedure. Liquidation is the formal winding up of a company’s affairs, entailing the realisation of its assets and the distribution of the proceeds in a prescribed order of priority. 

Company Voluntary Arrangements 

A company voluntary arrangement is a procedure which enables a company to put a proposal to its creditors. The proposal if agreed, prevents the creditors taking inforcment action against the company.

Members voluntary Liquidation/ Solvent Liquidation

This procedure is used when a company has ceased to trade, and is solvent. The company has sufficient assets to pay the creditors in full, and return the surplus funds to its shareholders.


Bankruptcy is the administration of the affairs of an insolvent individual by a trustee in the interests of his creditors. 

Individual Voluntary Arrangements 

This is a legally binding agreement -between you and your creditors- to repay your debts.

Most IVA's last for 5 years, but there is no set percentage to be returned to creditors.


Creditor Portal 

The Creditor Gateway ( All communications to creditors issued by Kennway Francis Limited can be downloaded from ) if you have any queries regarding access to creditor reports please email



For any further information please contact Kennway Francis on 0207 129 7366 or email


Administration is a procedure available to a company that is insolvent, or is likely to become so. This places the company under the control of an insolvency practitioner. The business and assets are then sold by the Administrator.

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